COAD rolling door in food container manufacturer



COAD-3 is in hyunjin(food container manufacturer)


COAD has diverse series of rolling door. This industry chooses COAD-3 in the main entrance. COAD-3 is possible to recover the door by itself in case of collision between vehicle and door. This is by zipper type on the rail. Thus, if the industry has lots of movement of forklift, then COAD suggests COAD-3 to save the cost for recovery of the door. Moreover, customers want to install the door in narrow aisle then COAD-2 is worth because COAD-2 is slim model which the motor is inside the drum cover. COAD produces rolling door for customer’s need.


The sheet of COAD rolling door is customized by customers’ requirements. Customers choose the color and type of sheet for their preference. This industry chooses orange color and transparent sheet for the door. The orange color gives bright and clear image for people thus it is normally chosen by food or packaging industry. Through the transparency, employee could see the opposite side for preparation of operation for door. Decide color and type for your own door.


COAD rolling door is diverse on size for different spaces. COAD measures the size for free service then makes rolling door. Thus, COAD rolling door is fitted in the space. With COAD door, customers could divide the inside place from the outside. Moreover, COAD-3 is zipper type so there is no gap between the door and rail. That is way customers of food industry get COAD rolling door in their industry. In addition, the brush on the rail is diagonal and bottom sheet prevents the inflow of dust, insects and air from the outside. Improve your working condition be clean.


COAD produces rolling door in safe condition for employee. COAD rolling door works with warning light and sound by COAD’s controller. Thus, employee realizes the operation of door then prepares it. In addition, COAD-3 is flexible structure of sheet. So, employee and vehicle would be safe even if they collide with the door. COAD thinks personal safety first to make rolling door. Moreover, safety post is worth to guide the forklift in the right way. Prepare the unexpected collision and be safe for work.


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