COAD industrial door in recycling center



COAD-3 is in recycling center.


COAD-3 is possible model to recover the door by itself. Thus, even if vehicle collides with the door, COAD-3 replaces the door in original condition not to repair it by experts. Thus, customers could save the repair cost because of collision. Moreover, this industry requests the loop sensor to operate the door. This is worth to open the door automatically in the working condition having lots of movement of vehicle or forklift. COAD has various sensors to active the door so customers decide one of sensors then COAD installs it with the door.


COAD industrial door is customized by customers’ requirements. This industry chooses blue color and transparent sheet for their industry. In normal, blue is installed in the manufacturer to make equipment or components and orange in food or packaging industry and grey is in pharmaceuticals or laboratory. This is chosen by customers’ preference. Also, transparency protects the employee from unexpected collision as the door is operated because they could see the opposite condition through the sheet.


COAD produces the door with safe condition for customers. This industry requests the safety post to give the correct way for entry in the space. Thus, employees could get the location of the door then prevent the collision with the door. Moreover, COAD industrial door works with warning light and sound as it is activated. Thus, employees realize the operation of the door then prepare it. COAD thinks customers’ requirements first. The automatic door could be safe condition. This is with COAD.


This industry moves the space in new location. Thus, they need to replace COAD door in new location. COAD could remove the door from the original space and then re-install the door as the new space is the same size with the original space. Thus, experts visit the space to measure the size and compare both sizes whether it could be fitted in new space. COAD provides any services for customers’ requirements. Get the quote for automatic door in your location.


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