COAD rapid door in agricultural clean room



COAD-3 is in Ganam agriculture (clean room of agriculture)


COAD has various sizes for rapid door. This industry has lots of movement for vehicle to sterilize the vehicle before it enters the space for agriculture. Thus, COAD suggests COAD-3 is in this clean room. COAD-3 is self recovery model even if vehicle collides with the door because it is zipper type. Additionally, sheet of COAD-3 is flexible so vehicle and driver are safe from the collision. Customers could save the cost to repair COAD rapid door and protect the vehicle and worker from collision.


COAD could print the word or logo on the sheet of rapid door. This industry requests the logo, name of business and warning words for printing. The printing technology of COAD is intaglio. This is durability from light and water. Thus, customers could COAD rapid door for marketing in long term. Color also could be selected by customers’ requirements. Customers makes their own rapid door with printing and then promote their products through the door.


Customers choose the color and type of sheet by their preference. This agriculture gets grey and transparent sheet for the door. Grey is bright and specialized image to people. Thus this industry chooses grey for their door. In case of type for sheet, transparency prevents the unexpected collision between people and door because worker could see the opposite side through the sheet. If the climate of industry is hot or tropical, mesh sheet is beneficial to be ventilated between inside and outside air.


COAD produces the rapid door after experts measure the size of the space for free. Thus, COAD rapid door is completely fitted in the space without gap. Thus, the industry is blocked from outside. Even if the space is too narrow or huge, COAD makes rapid door for customers’ needs. This industry installs the door in the entrance of the clean room. Thus, COAD rapid door is worth to prevent the inflow of dust, air, and insects from outside because COAD puts diagonal brush on the rail and bottom sheet.


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