COAD automatic door in food industry



COAD-2 is in food industry.


COAD automatic door is diverse size because the size of the space is difference. Thus, experts visit the industry and measure the size of the space for free. This is worth to fit the door without any gap in the space. This industry gets two different location. One of the entrance is narrow aisle thus COAD-2 is sealed because this model has the motor inside drum cover. This is COAD’s technology for customers’ need.


COAD produces automatic door with Aluminum. The aluminum is high-strength and water-resistance. This is durability to use the door in long term not to get any complaint. Moreover, the frame is rounded shape. Thus, employees would be safe even if they collide with the door. In addition, it prevents the buildup of the dust on the drum cover because it flows down through the shape of the aluminum.


The sheet of COAD automatic door is double layered structure and SOL screen coating. This is powerful for water and impact. Moreover, customers could decide the color and type of the sheet for their preference. This industry chooses blue color and transparency. Transparency is wroth to see the opposite side through the sheet thus employee could prepare the unexpected collision. In summer, mesh sheet is well ventilated between outside and inside air.


The photo beam sensor protects the employee or vehicle to immediately stop the operation of the door if they pass the door while the door closes. In normal, competitors install one set of photo beam sensor. But, COAD puts double photo beam sensors to minimize the blind area. Moreover, the diagonal brush on the rail block the gap between sheet and rail. The working condition becomes safety and clearness.


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