COAD speed door in tuna packer.



COAD-1 is in Chotiwat, Thailand(Tuna packer)


COAD speed door is in the manufacturer for tuna canned food. COAD produces speed door after the measurement service by experts. Thus, the speed door is perfectly sealed in the space customers request. This industry installs the door in different location which is that one is the main entrance of the industry and the other is narrow entrance. COAD could make it for both. Customers just get the measurement service for free and then their own door in the space without gap.


COAD has various types of sensor to operate the door. This industry chooses loop sensor and pull switch. The loop sensor detects the metal objects of vehicle or forklift as they pass on the loop line under the ground. Then COAD speed door opens automatically. In case of pull switch, employee pulls down the loop then door opens. For the convenience, COAD develops the kind of sensor and applies it with COAD speed door.


COAD-1 is consisted with wind-bar. The wind-bar captures separate sheet in the rail so it prevents the breakaway of the sheet. Additionally, both ends of wind-bar have wind-lock system to hold each sheet once again. Thus, COAD speed door is the strength from strong wind. Moreover, customers could change the sheet for color and type. Pull out the wind-bar, change a sheet, and replace the wind-bar with new sheet. This is simple process to exchange the sheet by themselves. They save the cost to change the sheet. 


The sheet of COAD speed door is double layered structure and SOL screen coating. So, the door is durability from impact and water. Thus, customer use the door in long period. Moreover, the color and type of sheet is diverse for customers’ preference. This industry chooses blue and transparent sheet. The blue is highly demanded for the door. Orange is in food or packaging industry and grey in pharmaceuticals. With transparency, employee could realize the inside or outside condition of the space then avoid the unexpected collision.


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