COAD auto door in the entrance of building



COAD- is in a building of entrance.


This building installs COAD-1 at the space of entrance. COAD-1 has wind-bar. This prevents the separation of the door because it captures each sheet on the rail. Moreover, the edges of wind-bar has wind-lock system to hold sheets once again. Thus, COAD-1 is powerful from wind. In addition, customers could change the sheet for color or type because of the wind-bar. Pull out it, exchange the sheet, and replace it with new sheet. Simple process. Customers change the sheet whenever they want and save repair cost.


The color or type of sheet is diverse. This customer chooses grey and orange color. The reason the customer chooses different color is to promote their logo and name of business on the sheet with bright color. Thus, COAD installs auto door with the requirement. If customers want to change the sheet for ventilation between outside and inside air, COAD suggests mesh sheet for the door. This is worth for it and people see the opposite side through the sheet. Customize your own sheet with COAD.


The technology of printing is durability from light and water because it is intaglio. Also, the sheet is SOL screen coating and double layered structure. Customers could use the door to inform their company. Customers request name of company and product, business number, word, logo, and etc. COAD could print whatever they want. Moreover, the color of printing is also diverse. If they want to design the printing, COAD supports for it.


COAD develops controller for auto door. This building applies the limit type position of the door. This is that the controller memorizes the ordered position then COAD auto door closes till that position. Thus, drivers could see the approach of other vehicle through the space then prevents the unexpected collision. Moreover, if customer want to change the speed of auto door, controller manages it. Controller is also water-resistance thus customers do not get any trouble with it.


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