COAD industrial door in plastic film company



COAD-1 is in the manufacturer for plastic film.


COAD-1 is installed in main entrance of this factory. Because they produce plastic film, they are sensitive to maintain the working condition be clean. COAD makes the door after the measurement service by experts. Thus, COAD industrial door is fitted in the space without any gap. Moreover COAD puts diagonal brush on the rail and bottom sheet to prevent the inflow of dust and insects from outside. Divide the industry from outside.


COAD-1 has wind-bar. The wind-bar captures each sheets on the rail thus it prevents the separation of the door from strong wind. Moreover, the ends of wind-bar have wind-lock system. Thus, COAD industrial door is durability from impact. By wind-bar, customers could change the sheet for color or type by themselves. Pull out wind-bar and exchange the sheet then replace the wind-bar. That is all for work. Save the cost for repair by experts.


COAD industrial door has diverse color and type of sheet. It is customized by customers. This industry chooses the orange color and transparent sheet. The orange is bright color so it gives clean and light image. Thus, this industry gets this color and transparency is worth to secure the opposite side. Employee could prepare the operation of COAD industrial door and prevents the collision.


This industry decides touch switch to open the door. COAD has various sensors to operate the door. If customers want to open the door not to touch the switch, COAD suggests the microwave motion sensor. Employees wave their hands near the sensor then it detects the motion and the door opens automatically. Moreover, the working condition has lots of movement of forklift or vehicle then loop sensor is fitted in that space. Choose any sensor for your industry.


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