COAD speed door in gas station



COAD-1 is in the gas station(car wash)


COAD speed door is made by Aluminum. This material is durability from light, water and damage. Thus, COAD uses Aluminum rather than steel or stainless. Competitors use those materials because of cheap price. But, those materials cause trouble to use the door in long-term. Thus, COAD chooses Aluminum then this is worth for customers. Moreover, this shape of aluminum is rounded. Thus, it protects the people or vehicle even if they collide with the door. This is COAD’s technology.


The sheet of COAD speed door is double layered structure and SOL screen coating. Thus, the sheet is high-strength and water-resistance. In addition, customers could choose the color and type of the sheet. This industry chooses gray and transparent sheet. The transparent sheet could see the opposite side thus it prevents the unexpected collision between employee and door. The color is diverse so customers get it by their preference.


Customers could request the printing on the sheet. This industry prints word and logo. The printing technology of COAD is intaglio. Thus, the printed sheet is powerful from water and light. Moreover, customers could use the door to promote their company and products. Some customers request the name and product of business and business number on the sheet. Thus, they could use the door not only to block the area, but to notify the information of company for their customers.


COAD produces speed door after measurement service by experts for free. Thus, COAD speed door is completely sealed in the space without any gap. For that reason, the size is various for different space. Moreover, COAD puts diagonal brush on the rail and bottom sheet. Those skills minimize the gap between outside and inside space. This place installs speed door to block the strong wind from outside and the water of car wash. COAD speed door is various models to be fitted in any place.


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