COAD automatic door in automobile components



COAD-1 is in the factory for automobile components


COAD automatic door is made by Aluminum. This material is durability for water and impact. Thus, customers could use the door in long-period without any complaints. Moreover, the shape of aluminum is round. So, this protects employee and vehicle from collision. In addition, COAD makes automatic door after measurement service by experts. Thus, the size of door is diverse and COAD automatic door is fitted in the space without any gap. The food or packaging industry is worth to block the inside condition from outside.


COAD-1 has wind-bar. The wind-bar captures separate sheet on the rail then prevents breakaway of the sheet. The edges of wind-bar is with wind-lock system. This holds each sheet once again. Thus, COAD automatic door is powerful from strong wind. Moreover, if customers want to change the sheet because they change the mind for color or type and the sheet having problem then they could exchange the sheet by themselves. Pull out wind-bar, change the sheet and replace the wind-bar with new sheet. This is all for process of customers.


The sheet of COAD automatic door is customized by customers. They choose color and type of the sheet then COAD installs the door with that sheet. This industry choose gray and transparent sheet. The gray is mostly for pharmaceuticals or laboratory, blue is for manufacturer for equipment or component,  and orange is for food industry. This is just normal, not fixed. Customers could reduce unexpected collision between employee and door because employee could see the opposite side through the sheet.


This industry decides loop sensor. This detects the metal objects of vehicle and forklift then COAD automatic door opens automatically. This is worth that employee could open the door on driving. Moreover, COAD has various sensors. If customers request to open the door for person and vehicle, COAD suggests the infrared sensor. This detects both person and vehicle. This is beneficial for industry having the movement for both. Choose your own sensor to open the door.


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