COAD high speed door in seed processing center



COAD-1 is in seed processing center.


COAD produces high speed door after experts measure the size in the place. Thus, COAD high speed door is fitted in the space without any gap. The size of door is diverse for different place. To minimize the gap between the rail and sheet, COAD puts diagonal brush on the rail. It blocks the inflow of dust and insects from outside. This is worth to separate the space from outside. COAD high speed door installs in lots of place for food industry for those reasons.


The sheet of COAD high speed door is double layered structure and SOL screen coating. This is durability from light, water and impact. Thus, customers use the door for long-period. Moreover, the color and type of sheet is chosen by customers’ preference. This industry decides gray and transparent sheet. The gray gives  bright and relaxed image. Transparency protects employee and door from unexpected collision.


This industry chooses loop sensor. This is worth in the place having lots of movement of forklift and vehicle. As vehicle or forklift passes on the loop line under the ground, the loop sensor detects it then COAD high speed door opens automatically. This is convenience because employee could open the door on driving. In case of food industry, COAD suggests microwave motion sensor. Shake a hand near the sensor then open the door. Choose whatever you want for your industry.


COAD’s controller manages all series of COAD high speed door. The controller could change the speed and direction of motor. So, customers change the setting of high speed door for their preference. Step two open control is worth for clean room. As first door opens and vehicle or employee enters the space. In this time, second door does not open. After first door completely closes, second door is activated. This blocks the inside from outside.


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