COAD rapid door in food company



COAD-1 is in the food company of chicken


COAD produces rapid door after experts measure the size of specific space. It helps to be fitted in the space without any gap. Thus, the size is diverse for different location. Competitors use pre-made door for selling a lot. But it is not completely sealed in space. Moreover, COAD puts diagonal brush on the rail and bottom sheet to minimize the gap between sheet and rail. This is the reason why this industry chooses COAD rapid door.


 COAD rapid door is made by Aluminum. The aluminum is high-strength and water-resistance This is durable from light, water and impact. To increase the profit to sell a rapid door, competitors use steel or stainless. But, those materials are easily transformed from outside impact. Thus, COAD chooses aluminum to use the door in long-term for customers. In addition, the shape of frame is round. It protects the person and vehicle in case of collision. Get COAD rapid door not to get any complaint.


The sheet of COAD rapid door is double layered structure and SOL screen coating. This is durability from water and impact. This is also COAD thinks customers first. Moreover, the color and type of sheet is customized by customers preference. This industry chooses orange and transparent sheet. Orange is bright and clean image so they gets this color. Transparent sheet is worth to prepare the activation of rapid door through the sheet. Thus, it prevents unexpected collision.


COAD-1 is with wind-bar. The wind-bar captures each sheet on the rail and prevents breakaway of the sheet from strong wind. Additionally, COAD puts wind lock system at the edges of wind-bar. It holds separate sheet once again. Therefore, COAD rapid door is powerful from outside impact. Moreover, if customers want to change the sheet, they could do it by themselves. Pull out the wind-bar, exchange the sheet and replace the wind-bar. That is all for that. Save repair cost with COAD


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